Do Touch

Interactive signage maximizes the effectiveness of your campains!

Consumer behavior and the benefits of going interactive

Consumer psychologists and behavioral science experts agree that the information we receive has a more lasting impression and is easier to retrieve when we can act upon it at the time it reaches us. A “call to action” is facilitated greatly by interactive displays presenting rich content around products and services when additional information and actions can be invoked "on demand" by viewers.

In addition, customers are increasingly appreciative of complementary services made available through the digital signage displays, such as wayfinding instructions, directories, opinion polls and even games.

The technology to deliver interactive services on public displays has never been more affordable and exciting. From touchscreens and barcode scanners to RFIDs, QR codes, NFC tags or beacon technology the tools are there to create a truly grasping and meaningful interactive experience. And for those looking to add a bit of an exotic flavor, gesture based control or Voice User Interfaces may offer an opportunity to impress your audience!

How DSplay enables interactive signage

DSplay supports interactive digital signage environments in innovative and unique ways! Here is how:

  • The platform is "interaction ready". Its design allows for content flows that can be interrupted at any time to handle viewer input from many channels, including sensors, keyboards, mobile devices, etc. Content can be selected and displayed based entirely on audience selections.
  • A touchscreen application wizard is embedded in the core platform. This means that a novice user can design and publish interactive touchscreen applications without a need for writing a single line of software code.
  • DSplay provides a common platform for hosting typical digital signage playlists with interactive applications. You no longer have to run two parallel systems, where one controls your static signage displays and another caters to your needs for interaction! Everything comes under a single, unified umbrella.
  • Content updates to your interactive applications enjoy an impressive freedom of methods and tools. These include database access, APIs to your back-end systems or simple access to common file formats, such as excel.
  • Interactive applications can tell you a lot about the popularity of your content as well as the footfall patterns in your premises. DSplay can capture, collect, process and analyze those data in a way that provides valuable insight.