Displaying Live Data Feeds

Leverage online data to create valuable insight!

The urge for data, big and small

Data driven decision making is a natural consequence of the penetration of IT tools in most aspects of everyday life. The oceans of information produced and stored by our systems on a daily basis have fueled the rapid growth of Big Data and Visual Analytics technologies.

There are lots of challenges to be found in this realm, such as how to combine data with other data or how to add value through presentation of results in a way that allows interpretation by non-experts and extraction of actionable knowledge. Whatever the challenge however, the truth can be perhaps summarized best with the saying: "without data, you are just another person with an opinion".

Publicly displayed data feeds on digital signage displays can be a real eye-magnet, especially in corporate premises and boardrooms, but also in waiting areas, high-traffic spots and many other locations. Data feeds are not just appreciated by the public. They help drive behavior and provide you with the basis for a strong argument.

How DSplay facilitates presentation of live data

DSplay can back your efforts to display live data feeds through an elaborate series of tools:

  • A specially designed data feeds module can connect the core platform to databases, filesystems, FTP servers and Web Services, to access and combine data in any form required. Scheduling of data updates is configurable to suit the application needs.
  • A templating mechanism facilitates presentation control and provides the means to deliver presentations in the form of charts, dashboards or infographics.
  • Unstructured data, such as social media feeds, can be handled, alongside structured records.
  • Data are collected, preprocessed and cached locally. There is no need for an "always-on" network connection to external sources.

Contact us with your needs around displaying live data feeds and to get a free appraisal of what is feasible in your scenario.