A service mentality is embedded in our fabric in all aspects of our interactions with end customers, from order taking to the most trivial incidents under a support contract. We make sure our partners are equally passionate about delivering professional services of high caliber.

Digital signage and interactive visual communications are a relatively new field for many organizations and extensive support may often be required throughout the course of a typical learning curve.
You can rely on us to provide the know-how and guidance required so that your digital signage applications realize your vision with taste and efficiency.


Cloud based solutions have been gaining momentum steadily in the recent past and there are several good reasons for a customer to opt for a hosted deployment of DSplay. Not only will you avoid the CAPEX associated with acquiring your own server infrastructure but also the hassle that comes from its management.
You also do not have to worry about your network bandwidth, server uptime and content safety.
As long as your media players are connected to the Internet, we have you covered.

Content Management

Human resources in your organization are valuable partners in the pursuit of your business objectives.
If you would like them to stay focused on your core business mission, we offer the option that all content management and editorial tasks are handled by our friendly, efficient and very affordable team.
There is no need for you to become a visual communications expert and know your way around playlists and scheduling or media conversion and post production processing tools.
Just provide us with the content and leave it up to us to update displays and monitor that everything runs smoothly!


When considering a digital signage project, component features and technical details can become daunting.
If you think it is best for you to concentrate on how to achive a solid return on investment we can help you build a coherent system.
We partner with the most established and competitive equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with turnkey solutions and offer implementation services, ranging from design, to physical installation, commissioning and after sales support.
We proudly hold ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality assurance in our systems integration process.

Some of our installations from recent projects.

Content Production

Marketing teams may often find it challenging to produce a steady output of quality content for a digital signage installation. Our team can help you develop and implement a content strategy that is suitable to your audience and individual goals.

Our content related services include:

  • Creation of attention grabbing multimedia messages.
  • Post processing of video content
    (editing, subtitling, trans-coding).
  • Content sourcing and securing rights to copyright protected entertainment and informational content.
  • Developing links to web content management platforms, RSS feeds and other online content sources such as Weather and News services.

Bespoke Applications

Digital signage has evolved beyond projection of promotional messages in public spaces. Today's goals are to create an exciting viewer experience and support communication strategies in innovative ways.
A new generation of digital signage installations has emerged that transcends the traditional model of pushing advertising content on screens in a rigid manner.

Our applications development service is aimed at customers looking to offer an out-of-the-ordinary experience through an interactive system where the content collection process is automated and the decisions on what content is displayed are dynamic and based on criteria rather than fixed time parameters.

Through our applications development service we can offer:

  • Automatic content retrieval through interfaces to backend systems, including websites, ERPs, CRMs, etc.
  • Implementation of interactive applications that engage viewers and help establish a permanent relationship with them.
  • Dynamic content selection and formation of playlists based on demographic criteria and other input provided by back-end systems.

Whether your needs are for wayfinding apps, access to directories, dissemination of coupons, gaming and entertainment, opinion polling or online data feed processing, we have the tools and expertise to deliver your vision!


A digital signage system cannot be reduced to a couple of decisions around hardware or even software.
Our experts have been implementing digital signage systems for over a decade now and can help you develop a clear and concise blueprint through a maze of requirements and planning decisions.

Among the services we typically provide in our projects are:

  • Audience experience design.
  • Equipment selection, sourcing and testing.
  • Project planning and execution.
  • Integration with external platforms
    (e.g. mobile apps, BI systems, etc.).
  • Training (campaign design, content development, system administration).