The newest version of DSplay...
will take you places!

DSplay just got a major uplift with its latest version, aimed at convenience, ease of use and versatility, while maintaining its truly flexible and technologically open character! A brand new look-and-feel along with several new features will satisfy even the most experienced and demanding users, running installations of any complexity. Whether your business is in retail, health, hospitality, transport, education, or any other line, DSplay is a great fit for you.

Read on and find out some of the exciting enhancements and additions that bring DSplay users at the forefront of digital signage!

User Experience

A revamped user interface follows responsive design principles and lets you work from any device, while the latest frameworks and technologies secure compatibility with your browser.

A brand new Dashboard has been created to offer a simplified and intuitive overview of your installation with easy access to recent actions, content, campaigns and devices.

New features

New file formats can now be directly imported and used in presentations, while multiple content files can be uploaded on a single action. Live Presentation thumbnails help users locate what they are looking for faster, and channel timeline updates offer an accurate view of current content on any channel.

Improved Administration

Enjoy smooth and convenient integration with third party applications through the powerful RESTful API. Monitor players and get health status and alerts through detailed logging. Check the exact content playing on screens through live screenshots.

Business Uses

There has never been a more flexible digital signage content platform, suitable to be tailored to the needs of any given customer. Whatever your size, the new DSplay UI adapts to your needs and presents functionality which is only relevant to the specific user and installation!

Got multiple business units or customers on a network? Not a problem for DSplay! Multiple tenants can be supported, all sharing the same resources and restricted to the functionality relevant to their profile.

Choose one of the many freshly added templates for corporate, healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and many other sectors and get going with your campaigns in just a few clicks!

DSplay 4.0 is available as a cloud service or on premises solution.

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